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Who is Brameda?

Brameda was founded in 2009 by Branco, Merijn and Daan. Three born entrepreneurs who united their strengths, each on their own expertise. Brameda noticed that consumers these days need to be stimulated, challenged and surprised. This fact made Brameda evolve its assortment into the attractive propositions of today. Brameda also is convinced it is important to have a strong, solid relationship with every single customer based on trust and integrity. This way we get to understand you and your target group. Started with a 'capital' of only €1500 in 2009, Brameda has grown into a multimillion company today. 'How'? Find out below 

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By continuing to operate and undertake in a well-organized manner, together with a fantastic team and achieve better results every day. this all happens in an enjoyable but professional working environment. With a team of 12 people we compete every day to find the best and most beautiful premium products on the market, to buy and proudly present them to our loyal customer database. 

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Working at Brameda will bring you to unprecedented heights ;) Passion for the business, strong constitution and always in for a joke? Curious to join our team? View our vacancies and maybe we can invite you to have a coffee with us.

Own warehouse, own people and beautiful products


Our Mission

As a wholesaler, Brameda strives to buy and sell the most beautiful premium brand stocklots of consumer products. Brameda brings these articles to consumers via its B2B customers. This relieves the suppliers and ultimately provides the consumer with a unique sales promotion.

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Our Vision

''Changing the world of B2B Wholesale''. Brameda aims to change the landscape of the stocklot business via the unique combination of working with the best brands & suppliers, focus on an e-commerce approach and doing business in an informal but professional way. 

Core Values

Our Core Values


Brameda acts as a 'Powerful' company. Brameda wants to make the difference and knows how they want to approach and organise things to make it happen. With a team of ambitious people who deliver the most on a daily basis and who are committed to the bone. But also decisions that ensure goals are being achieved and improvements are being made to the process. Sometimes besides, dedication, time and money, guts are needed to take a certain risk. This way Brameda enforces the difference towards suppliers and customers.


Brameda breaths passion. Passionate about the business and enthusiasm is important at Brameda. Not only for the three entrepreneurs behind the company, but for the entire organization. Whether it is a warehouse employee, programmer or cleaner. Everyone knows that the work they do is essential for success and achieving corporate goals. Everyone is passionate about their job. Both customers and suppliers are enthusiastic about the amazing atmosphere here, which contributes to an excellent cooperation.


The core value 'Playful' fits well for Brameda. A joke here and there ensures the amazing atmosphere. In that perspective, working hard remains fun. This Brameda feeling applies not only internally, but also externally for customers and suppliers. Playfulness and accessibility create a casual atmosphere where people can be themselves and where every colleague or customer is equal to each other. Good dynamics result in an enjoyable workplace for everyone.


Our Goals

Powerful + Passionate = Efficiency

Brameda has a positive attitude and dares to show courage. This leads directly to more efficiency. Employees know what they are doing and go straight for their goals. Everyone wants to move forward with the right energy so improvement is made. Systems and processes are continuously being optimized. Customers experience this with better service as a result. 

Powerful + Playful = Innovation

Brameda has the guts, dares to do things differently and look at problems in a different way. Innovation is done in a playful but powerful way. This is because systems and information are being used differently than competitors. Brameda continues to lead the way. The casual atmosphere ensures that everyone dares to raise the bar even higher. 

Passionate + Playful = Loyalty 

Brameda works passionately and enjoys a playful approach. This ensures loyalty among both employees and customers. Staff are happy to come to work and always go for the extra mile. Clients and suppliers get involved in this amazing atmosphere as well. This is not just about moving boxes, but about building relationships on the long term. 

The higher goal of Brameda 

Raising the bar is the higher goal of Brameda when the day starts and ends. Brameda likes to seek for innovative opportunities for customers and partners in a creative way. Brameda works on building and extending ongoing partnerships with its stakeholders and results. Everything is very important here: passionate colleagues, powerful brands that are conquering the world and a dose of playfulness that creates a great atmosphere.

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